A cosmetic dentist is a dentist that should consider first what are the needs of his patients. He should also consider the patient’s concern regarding the right treatment for his or her problem. The cosmetic dentist should also make sure that the patient feels no pain, the problems are fixed and dental health is improved. All of these things are clearly visible with John Ravera D.D.S.

It is easy for me to attest to this because Dr. John Ravera is my dentist nowadays. Before I met John, I really had horrible crooked teeth. I have protruding incisors, which are prevalent when I smile. Moreover, some of my teeth are longer than the others. Thus, I ended up being too conscious about my smile. When I’m around others, having enough confidence was a difficult thing to do. I dreaded the possibility of people laughing at my teeth.

Fortunately, my friend told me about John Ravera D.D.S. and his clinic. He said that if I want to have a perfectly healthy smile, I would have to visit his clinic. My friend assured me that this dentist is a good one, especially in cosmetic dentistry for the dentist has also helped someone he knew. And seeing that this is an opportunity to improve my smile, I gladly considered his advice.

Visiting his clinic was indeed a good decision for me. The reason for this is that Dr. Ravera was able to resolve the crooked and chipped teeth I have. Now, my teeth are properly aligned and in place. Having a great smile would have been impossible for me if not for Dr. Ravera. To understand better about John Ravera D.D.S., click this link: Official Website.